Chiropractic for Sports Injuries & Performance

Many of us love our sports. However, this often comes at a price to our joints, whether they are historic or current injuries.

Joint pain and / or stiffness is a result of either mechanical dysfunction, inflammation or degeneration or the joint surface and cartilage. Degeneration can’t be undone, but it’s progress can be slowed down or stopped and over time often improved.

Chiropractic is a highly effective therapy for all sporting injuries. Why? Because it aims to optimise the biomechanics of all the body’s joints, whether they be knees, shoulders, hips or elbows. The function of most joints in the body will be determined by the health of the spine itself, both in terms of its alignment and the spinal cord’s ability to transmit nerve impulses to every muscle and organ in the body. If injuries to the body are to heal to their best ability, joint position and supporting muscle strength are fundamental components to this recovery.

In fact, many athletes and sports people use chiropractic to improve performance, as well as keep their bodies in optimal health to mitigate the likelihood of injury.

So, if you are training for an event, recovering from injury, or simply feel you are not reaching your peak, contact us and we’ll discuss how we can help.





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