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We treat a variety of issues on our clinic including:

Chiropractic care is suitable for all ages, including children and during pregnancy.

Chiropractic & Posture Correction using Advanced Biostructural Correction TM

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Robert & Carly Spratley: Faringdon Chiropractic Clinic

Our Mission: At Rebalance Chiropractic, we deliver exceptional chiropractic care to our patients allowing them to feel healthy, active and enjoy life to the full.  We are a family run clinic and we pride ourselves on treating every patient as an individual with a personalised care plan to that supports you on your journey back to optimal health.

We believe that postural health and correction is essential to help the body become structurally balanced and strong. We are currently the only registered Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) clinic in the area, and as such, offer a unique and highly effective way to help with the structural problems that can cause pain and effect your health.

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Public Health Notice

We are closely watching the guidelines from the NHS and General Chiropractic Council with efforts to control coronavirus.

As of the Government announcement on 23rd March, the clinic will be closed for 3 weeks initially but until further guidance is issued.

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Robert Spratley. DC. Practice Manager and Owner

“Years of manual labor finally caught up on me to the point I could barely stand up, at the age of 30. I went to see Rebalance Chiropractic and I’m well on my way to recovery, very informative, professional and helpful. I’d recommend to anyone.” 


“I had been really struggling with neck pain, after a couple of months visiting Rob at Rebalance the pain is almost gone, I highly recommend Rebalance not only for the professional and competent service they provide but for the added friendliness and ability to make you feel completely comfortable.”


“I went to Rebalance unable to use my arm properly. Carly soon found that my shoulder was the root cause. After some intensive work, I’m now nearly as good as new! I would definetly recommend Rebalance.”


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