Posture Correction

    Everyone has a vague idea of what posture is. It’s the position in which we hold our body. But the ability of our body to achieve good posture is dependant on a variety of factors that must all work together.

    The human spine has 3 natural curves that enable an upright posture, facilitate movement and act as a spring to protect the discs. They consist of a lumbar, thoracic and cervical curve.

    The spine is made up of 24 movable vertebra separated by discs that act as shock absorbers and allow space for nerves to exit the spinal column. Misalignments of these vertebra can affect the stability and posture of the spine. In addition it can lead to imbalances elsewhere in the body such as uneven shoulders, foot pronation and forward head posture.Good posture depends on the following factors:

    • Joint alignment  – allowing the spine to support itself against gravity when upright and enabling the muscles on each side of the spine to be balanced.

    • Core Stability – the pelvis is the body’s centre of gravity and supports both the spine and legs. Core muscles (including abdominals, back muscles and gluteal muscles) are important in the stabilisation of the body’s posture.

    • Postural awareness – good postural habits help to avoid misalignments in the spine and postural muscle fatigue. Sleeping, sitting and even standing correctly are part of good postural awareness.

    At Rebalance Chiropractic, postural assessment is an important part of your initial consultation. If looking at posture from the side, we should be able to draw a straight line from the floor upwards, through the ankle, knee, hip and shoulder joint and ear. With around 80% of the western world having a desk bound job, postural problems are becoming more common, and ‘ideal’ posture is becoming less common. The classic slouched posture when sitting weakens postural muscles and allows vertebra in the spine to edge forward which can be difficult to reverse without corrective intervention.  Postural distortion can also arise from other injuries that have been left unresolved.

    Aside from localised pain, forward postural imbalances can have other effects on the body such as shallow breathing and fatigue.

    At Rebalance Chiropractic, we use Advanced Biostructural Correction, a technique that focuses on aligning the spine to allow it to support body weight optimally. As can be seen in these examples, a more upright posture can be achieved allowing the body to distribute weight more evenly through the skeleton, reducing the effort of postural muscles to maintain balance. Achieving these results can take time and will depend on the time and severity of problems you have. However, with joint commitment to your care, positive change will occur.

    How ABC Chiropractic can help you

    Posture correction     

    With many of us spending the majority of our working lives sitting nowadays, understanding what is good seated posture is important if we are to look after our spine.

    Whilst lumbar supports provide a degree of support to the lower back, there is often a tendency to become over reliant on them. Often this results in people still slumping in their chairs but the apex of the slump is simply higher up the spine. The best way to support your spine when seated is to support the pelvis. After all, it is the foundation support of our spine.


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